Autism At Work is a new project, created to help young adults with autism transition into the work place.

We all have a skill; we all have something we are capable of; we all have something that we can contribute to society.  The key is discovering that skill and learning how to incorporate it in a working environment.


Autism At Work has two main objectives:

1. A resource center where young adults with autism can download useful employment related information in the objective of helping them access all available opportunities.

2. Provide autism related training to companies and informing employers as well as Human Resource personnel on the benefits of employing individuals with autism.


We are planning on organizing networking events in the near future, where young adults can come together and share their story, give their personal advice to others and possibly become a mentor to someone who is just starting their journey towards employment.

Confronted with the harsh reality that so many young adults with autism are unemployed after they finish school, I began Autism at Work with the hope of providing more opportunities for them and creating an environment for them to develop their own network and start building those bridges towards employment.

If you would like to become a mentor or a volunteer, please send me an email at lmastroianni@videotron.ca

Thank you for your support.